Adventures in spinning

Well, I think I might have dived off the deep end again. I've decided to teach myself to spin. Why? I don't know. Curiosity? I'm a glutton for punishment? To learn a new skill? All of the above! So first, a few years ago, I ordered a beginner's kit that included a spindle and a sample of roving. I spun that. Badly, I i think. It was very think because I didn't have a clue as to how to draft. Afterward, I knit it into a small swatch. That was much more exciting. It was awesome to see the woll I'd spun turned into knitting. So when I went to England and Scotland late last summer, I knew in advance that I was not only going to visit yarn stores but also spinning supply stores. In point of fact, I went to The Handweaver's Studio at 140 Seven Sisters Rd. I bought another spindle and a sample pack of different wools, all undyed. Of course, as soon as I opened it, the different samples all got mixed up so have no idea any more which one is which. They are an unbelievable source. They have an overwhelming assortment of weaving fibers, as well as huge bins of various wools in back, plus a full selection of looms. It was hard not to spend a fortune but it was at the very beginning of my trip so I wanted to save some money for later. When I was in Edinburgh, a city I absolutely fell in love with, I visited the lovely little store, Ginger Twist Studio, at 11 London Rd where I bought yet another spindle. You see, off the deep end, But wait, there's more! After Scotland, I went back to London, where my lovely sister, Janet, joined me, and we went back to Handweaver's Studio, because of course we did. This time, I bought two sample packs of dyed Merino wool, one in blues/greens and the in oranges/reds. But wait, there's more! Coincidentally, I met a very nice woman at an LGBTQ+ Olim picnic in Tel Aviv, where I live. Turns out she's a master spinner and weaver. So I traveled to Jerusalem, where she lives, to get a spinning lesson on my spindle. I did much better and she was very helpful. So what did I do? Did I come home and practice more on my spindle? I did not! I ordered a Dreaming  Robots 6.0 eSpinner! It came with 6 bobbins, which I somehow missed on the website, so I ordered 3. I know have 9 bobbins. And so far, I haven't been able to get any fiber wound onto them. I'm doing something wrong. I know it. So what did I do? Did I keep trying? No. I ordered 2 pounds of undyed Merino roving and 2 pounds of undyed Cheviot fiber. Because why not? I have another spinning lesson this week in Jerusalem so I'm hopeful. And now I'm debating whether or not to dye the roving before I spin it or dye it after I spin it. That's my next journey! Stay tuned. Here are the links for the stores:

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