• The dyeing adventure begins!

           One of the great things about the Internet is the ready availabity of videos teaching us to do nearly anything we can imagine (and probably ...
  • Adventures in spinning

    Well, I think I might have dived off the deep end again. I've decided to teach myself to spin. Why? I don't know. Curiosity? I'm a glutton for puni...
  • Woe was me but better now!

     went back to the existing version reinvigorated. Had I known that shopping for new yarn would have that effect, I would have done it sooner! 
  • The Masochism Tango

    To quote that great genius of both math and songwriting, Tom Lehrer,
  • Oy, Vay!

    Well. I've designed a new sweater called Every Good Boy Does Fine. If you've ever studied music, you'll be familiar with that phrase as we learned ...
  • Well, finally!

    After a fallow year in which I didn't lift a finger related to knitting, during which I neither designed nor knit, I finally have a new design in t...
  • Adventures in dyeing

    Adventures in dyeing
  • Bored. Boredboredbored. And more bored.

    Israel is now in the midst of its third lockdown and Covid fatigue is finally catching up with me. Because I am majorly bored.
  • Finally! Campbell Of Argyll is here!

    Finally! Campbell Of Argyll is here!
  • Finally! Professional pictures.

    Two nights ago, I had a fabulous photo shoot with professional photographer Assaf Drori and professional model Dora Gerstenhaber. 
  • Bummer!

    The ceramics studio that I've been studying at is moving in September and they will be too far away to visit until I have my Israeli driver's licen...
  • Yarn bowls are coming!

    Well, I'm progressing. I still can't center a ball of clay on the wheel to save my life, but once my teacher centers it for me, I can finally make ...