New Adventures!

Well, lots to report. First of all, I'm sooooo lazy when it comes to social media for Sanford Eliot Knits. I really have to get better at it. So here's some news. For one thing, my video set up has been upgraded. I'm now able to record video with my DSLR camera which is definitely better than my web cam. I even splurged on a special clamp on desk mount for the camera. I'm excited to see what I can do with the new set up. Second, a while back I ordered two pounds of Merino roving and 2 pounds of Cheviot roving to use for dyeing and spinning. I haven't done either yet but those will be the first videos. I've been inspired by the lovely and vivacious Rebecca at Chem Knits whose YouTube videos are both highly entertaining and incredibly informative. And I subscribed to her on Patreon and as a result of sponsoring a video on dyeing roving, I am now in possetion of two hanks of roving she dyed in this video: I've no bought my kitchen scale to measure dye powder. No I just need a big steam pan to dye the roving in. Stay tuned!


  • I saw your post on Knitting Paradise so I thought I would check out your website. Your patterns are beautiful. I notice the prices are in US Dollars. I think that’s widely accepted currency. Don’t despair. It takes a little time for people to notice. I like your patterns. I’m working on a brioche sweater of my own design right now. Your second sweater with the stripes catches my eye and I would make that for myself. Best of luck to you and your shop.

  • I am NaughtyKnitter from Knitting Paradise. I wanted to reach out to you during this horrific time. EIN MILIM. Other than donating to Magen David Adom and UJA what else can I do? If you need anything please let me know. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Israel.


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