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Well, Sometimes my designs lead to design dilemmas. The photo is a preview of my next design, the EGBDF sweater. You might recall I've already knit a sample of this pattern. But I didn't like to original result so I redesigned it. I hate knitting flat and seaming, mostly because I'm too lazy to learn proper seaming techniques, but also because once I finish the actual knitting, I want the sweater to be finished. I'm impatient to start wearing it! Well, anyway, I use Melissa Leapman's excellent book, 6000+ Pullover Patterns as a reference, but adapting her flat patterns to knitting in the "round". Because of the technique I use, with wraps and turns on either side of a marker, the sweater is knit in one piece and seamed as you go. I flew from Tel Aviv to Virginia yesterday (and missed torrential rains in Tel Aviv!), and I was fully prepared to knit all the way. I've joined the sleeves to the body. But then I freaked myself out. I hadn't fully thought about how to accomplish the sleeve cap shaping and armhole shaping contiguously based on flat patterns. So I didn't knit on either flight. I packed everything I needed but the one thing I forgot was Melissa's book ffor reference. So I couldn't even make notes to figure it out. So today, we went to Barnes & Noble but her book is no longer carried in stock; it's only print to order. On the Paris-Virginia flight, I did figure out that I had to think of the flat patterns that I had charted in Stitch Fiddle (I highly recommend it) as a Mercator map. It was a total epiphany. So now, I'll write out line by line directions for my sample sweater. And when I publish the pattern, instead of charts, I think I'll write out line by line instructions for the yoke for all sizes. 

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  • I am using this same book ! It’s really good, isn’t it ? For seaming, have you ever considered using single crochet ? It’s really quick and efficient and it helps sweaters keep their shape.
    As for publishing your patterns using only written instructions and no charts, I don’t think it’s such a great idea. A lot of people like using charts, especially when colourwork is involved.
    I like the look of this sweater so far. It reminds me of prayer shawls.

    Jessica BA

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