The dyeing adventure begins!

       One of the great things about the Internet is the ready availabity of videos teaching us to do nearly anything we can imagine (and probably a few things we didn't imagine!). Gone are the days when we learned from books or in-person teaching. Don't get me wrong. Nothing beats the thrill of reading a physical book. Yes, I love my Kindle Oasis. But I still love holding a book in my hands and turning pages. 

       All that to say that when I need to learn new techniques, I turn to the web. There are truly wonderful instructors on YouTube, such as Staci from Very Pink Knits. And when I need to learn how to dye yarn and wool, I turn to Rebecca at ChemKnits. On the one hand, she goes into depth on the science behind dyeing, such as depth of shade. On the other hand, she's bubbly and has the kind of infectious personality that makes the videos fun even if you don't want to dye fiber. 

       As I mentioned last week, I've jumped off the deep end when it comes to spinning, and here's a picture of the fiber I ordered. Each bag is one pound of fiber. I have two pounds of Cheviot and two pounds of Merino (non superwash). And then today, I scored an 8-pack of Procion MX dyes. The store only had two 8-packs in the store; I might go back tomorrow to buy the other one. 

Tomorrow, I'll buy a big pot. My goal is to do one color way of reds, purples, and oranges, and another of blues and greens. And with two pounds of each fiber, I'll do one pound of Merino and one of Cheviot in each color way. Last week, I watch a Chemknits tutorial on YouTube in which Rebecca just put the dry ball of roving into the pot of water and then space dye the ball. And then, rewind the ball so that the inside is now on the outside and then redye in another color, and so forth, until the ball is completely dyed. The Cheviot and Merino are slightly different in color with the Cheviot beginning slightly more beige while the merino is pure white. I'm excited and nervous, because that's a lot of fiber to potentially ruin. I'll keep you posted. 

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