The Masochism Tango

To quote that great genius of both math and songwriting, Tom Lehrer,

"I ache for the touch of your lips, dearBut much more for the touch of your whips, dearYou can raise weltsLike nobody elseAs we dance to the Masochism Tango"

In this case, my dance partner is knitting. Specifically, this g*#*^m piano sweater. After the last fiasco, where I wound up having to frog about 7 inches of knitting, I decided to use lifelines. I added a lifeline, I knit about 10 rows, I added a new lifeline, removed the old lifeline and knit more rows. So after about 7 inches of knitting, I discovered that I had accidentally knit an inadvertent yarnover, and now had 9 stitches where there should have been only 8. The first method of fixing the mistake I tried was to a short 3 stitch lifeline below the mistake and drop the stitches down, and then using a crochet hook, work back up the columns. Well, the end result looked like total crap. So then I used a spare circular to try adding a lifeline below the mistake. I frogged back but, of course, I didn't place that circular in a straight line so then I had to slowly tink around to try and get to a place where I could start knitting again. Had I been knitting in the round, it would have been easy. But I'm knitting flat and seaming as I go, a technique used in my Shmoneh Shweater, that uses a marker as the beginning of a row and wraps and turns on either side of it. So I had to tink both right and wrong side rows. And I even screwed that up. So then I had added yet another lifeline. I finally (FINALLY!) got back to where I could begin knitting again. And all told, I lost about 8 inches of knitting. I'm honestly to the point where'd I'd be just as happy putting it aside for now and moving on to a new project but I'm going to persevere. And I've decided that I'll keep adding lifelines and not remove any of them until the effing sweater is complete. I can always remove them later. But I, apparently, can't always add them later. 

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