Woe was me but better now!

Shalom from Israel! I hope you're well. I have to admit I've been having a rough time. I'm in the middle of designing a new sweater. I was hired last year to sing in the Israeli Opera chorus and decided the new design would be a tribute to my love of music. But you know me. I have to design myself into a corner because of color or pattern or both And this time is no different. I asked for a donation of Ultra Alpaca for the test design, and it's a fabulous, soft, squishy, and apparently very hard wearing yarn. Because I've knit, and frogged, and knit, and frogged, this sweater quite a few times due to silly mistakes and the yarn shows no wear and tear. But I got so frustrated, I decided to run up to Ra'anana to buy new yarn for the sweater at the wonderful Gourmet Yarn Shop. I bought new black and white yarn (and new needles while I was at it) and found that wen I got home, while I swatched the new yarn, I went back to the existing version reinvigorated. Had I known that shopping for new yarn would have that effect, I would have done it sooner! So anyway, I'm back to work on the sweater, called Every Good Boy Does Fine, and I'm making real progress. Keep an eye out for the new pattern by summer's end!

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